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Cancelled: Shifting narratives of sexual and gender non-conformity in the mid-C20 with Rebecca Jennings

13 January 2020

Photo: Ed Prosser

We're sorry to announce that our third event in the Beyond the Binary series, Shifting narratives of sexual and gender non-conformity in the mid-C20 with  Rebecca Jennings, has been cancelled. Apologies to all those who planned to attend.

If you were interested in attending the event or intrigued by the topic, don't fret, we have two more fascinating panel discussions scheduled for the coming months as part of our Beyond the Binary seminar series.

February 10, Coloniality and the construction of gender as a binary: A panel discussion convened by Alessandro Castellini (LSE)  & Jennie Gamlin (UCL)

March 9, Climate, the environment and spatial design approaches to gender and health: A panel discussion convened by Geordan Shannon (UCL)

The final two seminars will conclude this series and provide yet more diverse and illuminating lenses through which to re-think the rigidity of binary gender norms.

Our Beyond the Binary is the seminar series from the Centre for Gender and Global Health, taking place on the second Monday of each month. The series will approach gender as a non binary concept from history, anthropology, ecology, design, sociology and medicine to analyse and complicate its various interactions with global health.

Both events are free but registration is recommended- keep an eye out for the launch of the tickets and don't miss out! 

January 13, 2020 6:00 PM

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