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The UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health, based in the Institute for Global Health, comprises a multidisciplinary team that conducts research and works alongside policy-makers and policy-influencers to address the complex relationships between gender norms and health status. Our disciplinary expertise ranges from anthropology to applied policy analysis, and we work in a multitude of settings around the world – from the smallest island states, to the informal settlements of the world’s most populous nations, and many locations in-between.
We view gender as both a determinant of health behaviours and a key influence on how the health sector responds to everyone’s rights to health and wellbeing. Working alongside partners in civil society and policy spheres, with colleagues across UCL and from other academic institutions, we aim to ensure that gender is recognised as a key determinant of health outcomes, and that policies and programmes to address gender norms influencing health are informed by rigorous evidence of effectiveness, acceptability and feasibility.
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Smear Campaigns: how campaigns promoting the uptake of invasive medical screenings must take the needs of sexual violence survivors into account.
27 September 2018
Dr Ellie Cosgrave

Cervical screening is an important and potentially life-saving procedure, but at the moment 1 in 3 women in the UK feel unable to attend them. This month in the CGGH Blog series Dr Ellie Cosgrave writes about this huge issue for women's health, exploring how we should be promoting uptake as well as adapting medical procedures to make them more accessible. However, all too often campaigns promoting access to this service fail to understand and address the real reasons behind a lack of attendance.

Women Leaders in Global Health Conference
8-9 November 2018

WLGH18, hosted this year by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, will bring together established and emerging leaders from across sectors and cultures to work towards gender equity in health leadership and to improve health for all. Book your place for two days packed with talks, panel discussions, interactive workshops, skills sessions and more, including sessions with participation from the UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health and Global Health 50/50, which is hosted by the Gender Centre.

Human Rights in Global Health: Rights-Based Governance for a Globalizing World
25 September 2018
17:30, John Snow Lecture Theatre

Centre Director Professor Hawkes will be speaking as part of a panel discussion analysing the evolving relationship between human rights, global governance, and public health, examining an expansive set of international organizations that employ human rights in responding to public health challenges in a rapidly globalizing world. The event is free and open to all but registration is required. The event will take place at

New Blog Series kicks-off with reflections from Subaltern/critical perspectives on gender and empowerment
16 July 2018

In June, the Centre hosted a lively roundtable discussion on the concept of empowerment and its relationship to gender. Two Centre fellow's, Dr Ayesha Ahmad and Dr Lu Gram, here provide their reflections from the day, in what will be the first post of our brand new blog series. The series will explore gender and health from the multidisciplinary perspectives, looking at the various projects we work on and current debates and events as material for discussion and inspiration.

UCL works with BSMMU, Dhaka to share experiences of using Athena SWAN to push for gender equality
28 June 2018

The Centre for Gender and Global Health was delighted to host a visit this week from Dr Fariha Haseen of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dr Haseen is Associate Professor of Public Health and has been working closely with Centre staff Sarah Hawkes and Anna Purdie from the UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health on rolling out a gender assessment of BSMMU.

Centre Fellow Dr Ayesha Ahmad to release Humanitarian Action and Ethics
23 May 2018

On 15 June, Centre for Gender and Global Health fellow Dr Ayesha Amhad will be releasing her new book, Humanitarian Action and Ethics, an accessible study looking at the ethical dilemmas at the heart of contemporary humanitarianism, turning theory into practice for enabling effective change. Featuring contributions from humanitarian practitioners, health professionals, and social and political scientists, this book explores the question of ethics in modern humanitarian work, drawing on the lived experience of humanitarian workers themselves. Its essential case studies cover humanitarian work in countries ranging from Haiti and South Sudan to Syria and Iraq, and address issues such as gender based violence, migration, and the growing phenomenon of ‘volunteer tourism’. Together, these contributions offer new perspectives on humanitarian ethics, as well as insight into how such ethical considerations might inform more effective approaches to humanitarian work.