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Getting critical about health education

5 September 2019

Photo: Ed Prosser

Don't miss the October issue of Health Education Journal, featuring a symposium on critical studies in health education, which includes papers from the 1st International Critical Health Education Studies conference held in Queenstown, New Zealand in early 2018.

Edited by Katie Fitzpatrick, Deana Leahy and Professor Peter Aggleton, who is an Honorary Professor at the Centre for Gender and Global Health, the symposium offers a new perspective on what health education could be about.  Among the topics addressed in the issue are ‘Fat Kids and Physical Education’, ‘Unravelling US Maternal Mortality through Critical Discourse Analysis’ and ‘Students’ Engagement with Alternative Discursive Construction of Menstruation’.  

An introductory essay, which Peter Aggleton has co-authored, sets the scene and is available for download at no charge.

The issue also contains a retrospective essay entitled ‘Health Education and Health Promotion Revisited’ by Professor Don Nutbeam from the University of Sydney.  

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