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Dr Flora Dadong Wu

Dr Flora Dadong Wu

Dr Flora Dadong Wu

Honorary Fellow

Honorary Research Fellow

Institute for Global Health, UCL

Dr Flora Dadong Wu is a Chinese public health doctor andHonorary Research Fellow at the Institute for Global Health, UCL. She received a PhD in health policy from the above institute in 2017. Her doctoral research explored the underlying dynamics of political prioritisation within the Chinese health policy system through comparing the two policy cases of prevention ofmother-to-child transmission of syphilis and HIV. Over the past years, Dr Wuhas worked with the WHO, UNFPA, Chinese Centre for Disease Control andPrevention, and several provincial and municipal health institutions in China ona number of studies and projects on control of sexually transmitted infections,sexual and reproductive health, and the dual elimination of mother-to-childt ransmission of HIV and syphilis etc. Her recent research interests mainly include factors shaping the Chinese public health policy process, as well as politicalprioritisation of control of sexually transmitted infections at a global level.


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