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Recording: Are single male labour migrants being neglected?

October 20, 2020

Are you interested in the complex nexus of labour migration, masculinities and public health? Are you curious about how the male-dominated migrant workers in the Gulf navigate their health and wellbeing? Did you miss our first webinar? We're thrilled to share the recording of our first webinar of the Borderings series: 'Are single male labour migrants being neglected?' 

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp relief the deep social fractures and inequalities that shape the health of international labour migrants. Despite being young and relatively healthy, poor and crowded living and working conditions put labour migrants at higher risk of not only COVID-19, but a host of other health issues.The short-term temporary status of labour migrant workers further complicates access to health care services.

In some Gulf countries, labour migrants constitute the majority of the population. This sub-population is often male-dominated, with men constituting up to every four-in-five migrant workers. The skewed sex ratio reflects the gendered determinants of both migration and the division of labour, but  is gender considered in responses to migrant health?  This webinar puts the health of male labour migrants at the center and explores the intersections of gender, health and migration in the Gulf states.

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