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Recording of 'Ecofeminism: gender, justice, and planetary health'

May 14, 2020

What might a new post-covid future look like? How might attending to the nexus of power, pollution and production induce new possibilities for the world, for health and for justice? With these provocative questions, the final seminar in our beyond the binary series makes a compelling case for an ecofeminist approach.

We're thrilled to present the recording of 'Ecofeminism: gender, justice, and planetary health'. Join Susan Buckingham, Elizabeth Pardeo, Rita Issa, Rishita Nandagiri and Geordan Shannon for a fascinating look at how ecofeminism can help us to rethink our social relations and material conditions, provide a powerful critique of power and enable us to move beyond the binaries- - whether of man-woman, human-nonhuman, nature-culture, sick-well.