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Dr Stephen Roberts

Dr Stephen Roberts

Dr Stephen Roberts


Lecturer in Global Health

UCL Institute for Global Health

Dr Stephen Roberts is a leading critical global health security scholar, and Lecturer in Global Health at the Institute for Global Health. His research focuses on the datafication and digitisation of global health security practices (which includes new uses of Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and evolving data collection methods) during public health emergencies and considers the impacts of these digital shifts across government, politics, society, law, and ethics. In addition to his role at the Institute for Global Health, he is also a Visiting Fellow in Global Health Policy with the LSE Health Research Centre, and an Associate Researcher with the Centre for Global Health Policy (CGHP) at the University of Sussex.

As an interdisciplinary global health scholar, Dr Roberts utilises a range of qualitative research methods (including interviews, case-study research, and policy and discourse analysis) to account for the unforeseen or unintended impacts on populations and societies which stem from the evolving datafication and digitisation of global health security practices in an age of 'Big Data'.

Beyond this ongoing research agenda, Dr Roberts continues to advance global health-focused research in several critical areas including data politics and technology in global health systems; concepts of risk and emergency in global health contexts; pandemic preparedness activities; and conducting qualitative global health research in the digital era.

Further information on ongoing projects and research outputs can be found on IRIS and Google Scholar