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News & Events: Beyond the Binary

Throughout most of modern history gender has been conceptualised as a binary concept, with the health agenda remaining anchored around ideas of men and women and their differing health needs. In reality, gender is a spectrum that is socially constructed and influenced by cultures, laws, politics, communities, families and individuals. It intersects with other markers of identity to produce diverse health risks, exposure to unhealthy products and differing health seeking behaviours.

Furthermore, gender in global health is too often reduced to women's health, and it is only by ensuring its relevance to everyone that we can begin to unpack and address the complex ways that it interacts with our identities and our health. We believe a broader understanding of gender is required to fulfil the promise to leave no one behind, regardless of their gender.
We are delighted to announce our new 2019/2020 seminar series, Beyond the Binary, taking place on the second Monday of each month. The series will approach gender as a non binary concept from history, anthropology, ecology, design, sociology and medicine to analyse and complicate its various interactions with global health.

Upcoming events
Further details, including location and timing, will be posted here shortly.

11 November 2019
Trans health: Access & Cultural Competence
A panel discussion convened by Asma Ashraf (UCL) 

9 December 2019
Agency and Erasure: Young Trans People’s Self-realisation  
Natasha Kennedy and Ian Warwick, UCL Institute of Education

13 January 2020
Shifting narratives of sexual and gender non-conformity in the mid-20th century
Rebecca Jennings, UCL History

10 February 2020
Coloniality and the construction of gender as a binary
A panel discussion convened by Alessandro Castellini (LSE)  & Jennie Gamlin (UCL)

9 March 2020
Climate, the environment and spatial design approaches to gender and health
A panel discussion convened by Geordan Shannon (UCL)